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Advanced Search Options

  • Currently, the only Program that seems to have worked in the past for this is BP Profile Search, which has not been tested or updated for the new WP. I think BuddyPress and/or it’s volunteer plugin programmers should develop a plugin to support multiple search options.

    I suggest that you should be able to search by fields. For example:

    A user chooses the following fields from 2 dropdown menus, and enters their zipcode for their profile information.

    Profile Type: User
    Focus: Looking for Friends
    Location: 93001

    Someone should be able to find this user by selecting the matching values from their respective drop down menu search fields (“Profile Type” and “Focus”) and typing in the zipcode for their search.

    Right now there seem to be a lot of alternative methods, none of which will work for me, so I suggested it here. Here’s hoping :)

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  • It would be nice to build out the default theme’s search options for this sort of thing, but it’s not a high priority :)

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