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Advantages of BP Multisite

  • caesarhills


    Hi all,
    I’ve a platform website, with a wp forum, buddypress, classifieds, and I activated wp multisite mode.

    I’m thinking I could have some advantages installing BUDDYPRESS MULTISITE, meaning having buddypress in all the mini websites of my network…..but I don’t know exactly which ones might be the features.

    I’ll try here to say some thoughts;
    with buddypress multisite:
    – can the buddypress members of the main site leave comments and communicate with the owner of a sub website who use some buddypress features in his website?

    For instance:
    people register to the main site, so they have their own profile: their first aim is to communicate into the forum, which in my case is simple press.
    Then these members go to some subsites of the newtwork, let’s say to a sponsor website and he create some buddypress activities: can the members interact in that page?

    I’m just wondering what exactly mean having buddypress multisite.

    And the last thing: for having buddypress all over the main site and subsites should I follow the ( F ) procedure of the following guide?

    Thanks in advance

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  • caesarhills


    I want to underline that for now I just need all the users/members to be connected to eachother; I don’t need separate networks, hope I’m making myself clear.
    The website talk of a specific niche, so I want the users to be able to interact in every page of the website, including also the subites/subcategories of the network where the owners/admins on these mini websites/blogs post their buddypress content, for instance, commening a post, or commenting on a bp gallery pics and so on

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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