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Advice: BuddyPress existing WordPress Blog

  • Hi guys I am wanting to convert THIS SITE: (a Martial Arts School) which has a custom theme to use BuddyPress but I think it will not be straight-forward as it has about 40 existing pages (which we need to keep) in a LH menu. The idea is to let ‘senior’ members create there own spaces/blog and have interaction between Instructors / Pupils. Each Instructor having his/her own BuddyPress Section. I can see there will loads more Admin’ and a learning curve for people who have never used WordPress before + problems converting the theme. Any advice or pitfalls I should look out for ??

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  • LPH2005


    You might start out small. Install BuddyPress and enable just the activity stream; disable everything else. Make sure that the theme css works well with the activity stream. You’ll need to install the BuddyPress template pack. After you are satisfied with the activity stream then change WP install to multi-site. You’ll want to lock it down so that you control creation of blogs – so that you don’t have to deal with splogs. Once you have that working then you can add a few other BP features – private messaging, etc.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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