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Advice sought from BP experts

  • JamieLe



    I have an idea for a social network to allow a group of disabled people to share their travel experiences and recommend hotels with specialist facilities.

    I’ve looked at Plazaa in the showcase section of this site and would like my site to function in a similar way.

    I would like users to be able to sign up and communicate with each other but also to be able to create hotel ‘pages’ with preset fields about facilities, photo galleries which people can contribute to, and a discussion board where people can leave their star-rated reviews.

    Is BuddyPress the way forward?

    I’ve made quite a few WordPress sites so far and have a clean installation with BP sitting waiting to work on.

    I’m not an expert nor a beginner — any advice would be appreciated as to whether this is the answer or something else altogether.


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  • Roger Coathup


    Plaza is a very nice website – it’s also a significant custom development.

    Are you a skilled PHP developer with solid WordPress development experience (writing custom post types, taxonomies, url rewrites and such like)?

    If you have those development skills (and in the case of Plaza – some strong design skills as well) or are willing to hire them in, then yes, BuddyPress is a suitable underlying platform to build the user profiles on, and to provide a backbone where you can unify their reviews and hotel submissions.



    Thanks for the reply. Have worked with taxonomies but not really a php developer — yet! So may have to have it as a work in progress.

    Custom post types — would they be for the hotels?



    I, too, am curious how custom post types come into play here. Does Buddypress itself use custom post types for activity or groups at all?

    Paul Wong-Gibbs


    That’s a bit off topic for this thread, but BuddyPress does not use custom post types.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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