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Advices & tips for complex config

  • brunov99


    Hello everyone,

    I have to set up a website for a medium-sized association (about 200 members). Here are the goals to achieve. Members can belong to several groups, groups can be public or private, forums public or private too (thx to bbp-private-groups) and there are community pages also where everyone can write (events, recipes, lists …). For UX I don’t want the user to fill multiple forms to login, and the data must be shared in profile pages (forum topics/replies, events, posts, recipes…)

    then, the question is this:

    Do I have to install buddyPress on multisite WP or not?
    If yes where should I install the plugins (main site or secondary site?)
    To stay simple I would prefer a single installation but then the question of volumes for backups.
    Hope I’m clear enough
    All your tips and tricks are welcome.

    Thank you

    Latest version of all WP & plugins

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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