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Advise dealing with large DB?

  • djsteveb


    My buddypress site has a database that is now over 7 GB.

    I’m moving the site to a new server as it’s getting pretty slow and wondering what if there are things I could do to make it more efficient?

    It’s been tracking activity since 2009 – any way to trim that to just past few months?
    (I already block most spiders from paginating through that via robot.txt)

    I occasionally get crashed tables, and the current server fails for memory problems if I run a repair DB via command line – so it must be repair single table to make it work – (DB too bit for me to use phpmyadmin as well which sucks)

    Should I consider splitting the site being hosted on one server with files and then move the DB to a separate web server or something?

    Do I need to have a system that can dedicated 8GB or Ram just for the DB or something to make it better?

    Maybe the new server move will be better – the old server is stuck on older centos/php – I was planning to move to a debian box with nginx – but read some docs this week that make it look flimsy for doing a multi-site that way perhaps. Another distro and caddy perhaps?

    Anything else I should consider to make it run better? Any advise would be appreciated.

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  • shanebp


    Did you try BP Bulk Delete?

    Since your db is so large, I advise only deleting a year of activity entries at a time – you may get ‘timed out’ due to resource issues.

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