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Affordable WordPress and BuddyPress plugins

  • Hello everyone.

    We have just launched a new site offering Premium WordPress and BuddyPress themes and plugins at a reasonable price. We are 100% GPL compliant and aim to fill the void between premium sites vs ‘GPL freedom’.

    We guarantee the themes and plugins to be 100% unmodified and strait from their source apposed to the ‘free’ premium versions floating around the internet containing all nasty thing you don’t want on your site.

    To kick start the site we are giving away some great themes and plugins and hope to hear from you soon. You can find us at

    Best regards,
    Mutuuj Team

    ps: If any admin feels they want to remove the post, could you please specify your reasons? We are trying to help grow the WordPress and BuddyPress community by offering affordable ‘items’ and is by no way illegal. We are trying to draw attention to how premium sites are decentralizing WordPress and how they are charging and ways in which they need to remodel their pricing modules to that of which will be greater beneficial to the community and follow the ideals of GPL.

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  • Boris


    Just because it’s not illegal doesn’t make it morally right. Bad karma, mate…
    You talking about ideals is quite funny, me thinks!

    Your site says straight from the source, but you are not the author of any of the plugins.

    makes it look more like you want in on the action too. ;)

    I’m writing a response to this.

    @travel-junkie and just because you can make money doing something doesn’t mean you should do it. There’s always two sides..

    We know you also sell premium plugins, though you give back to the community, you are often helping out people on and numerous other sites – the plugins we have on offer are of premium sites that have excluded themselves from the community and give little or nothing back. We by no means aim to harm those that do good.

    If you want to help grow the WP AND BP community’s then you can do so by developing and sharing your own plugins or’re not helping if you rip off others,
    it doesn’t mean if it’s GPL that everything should be free.In my opinion all those premium services are helping the grow of WP and BP that’s also a small part why WP has become so popular and if there are more such services for BP then BP will grow as well.

    if you’re not a developer or designer but still want to help then you can help by donating to people like Paul or Andrea_r.

    It’s hard to remove a post and let you see the response, so I’m closing this one. Please refrain from posting any further about this, it’s beginning to look like spam (this is the third post that I’m aware of, in the last few days). Heck, the title of this thread is the sort of thing Google’s going to pick up on, which I know is your intention.

    In terms of people selling or advertising premium BuddyPress services on this site, there’s a balance between promoting your plugin in situations such as responding to a relevant topic, i.e. “how can I do x?” and you reply, “my premium plugin z can do that for you!” (which is okay), and outright advertising or spamming (which isn’t). Announcing a new premium plugin or theme is fine, but posting an announcement or advert each week isn’t — that’s spam.

    Blatant advertising or spamming is not allowed; community support is about community support, it is not a free-for-all marketplace. This isn’t the place for that type of thing.

    Specifically regarding your site, there are extra considerations. You appear to be re-selling GPL’d plugins and themes[1] (I have only taken a quick look at your site). As long as you had purchased these GPL’d themes or plugins originally, then you can turn around and give that theme or plugin to anybody you want. The GPL is about redistribution. My understanding is that this viewpoint is entirely correct.

    However, I think you’re missing the big picture. It may not be illegal, but I don’t think it’s ethical. The authors of those works which you are profiting from worked hard to create something. By re-selling their works, I believe you are disrespecting those authors and the larger community. To me, it’s as simple as this: if this sort of behaviour discourages even one individual from creating a new BuddyPress plugin or a BuddyPress theme, because they’d like to try to make some money from it, then the community has been harmed by having one less choice.

    I feel this threads falls between an announcement of a service and an advertisement for that service, considering your repeated posts, with debatable ethics. I apologise on behalf of our moderator team; we should have got in contact with you after your first post, and we’re sorry that it seemed we were picking on your posts. However, you could have posted another topic and asked what happened to your previous posts; we would have seen it.

    I am if you would like to discuss further in private, or you’re welcome to start a new topic and start a discussion about the ethics of re-selling GPL plugins/themes, but maybe that sort of discussion would go best on the forums, rather than here, as it would be seen by a larger audience of WordPress plugin and theme authors (relevant, of course, because your site appears to have WP and BP-specific themes listed).

    [1] This assumes that everything in those plugins/themes is covered by the GPL, such as images or any other files, as opposed to just the PHP source.

    “makes it look more like you want in on the action too.” $1 minus paypal’s trance-action fee is nothing to jump around about. With the proceeds we aim to increase the index. Most of the plugins index on Muttuj are already available for free, all you have to do is google them. We are simply offering them with peace of mind – having not been altered.

    “all those premium services are helping the grow of WP and BP” – That’s if you can afford it. Not everyone is from Europe or the US, and those that can’t afford it are simply left behind. The ‘techno rich’ get richer and the ‘techno poor’ get poorer.

    “people like Paul or Andrea_r” The problem is we need more Paul’s and Andrea_r’s, you can’t tell me the admins on wouldn’t appreciate some help from the members of the premium sites in questing. The only time they will come around is when one of their plugins gets released to the repo, as what happened with the ning to buddypress importer.

    The site in question is alreayd releasing “lite” version of their plugins in the repo. Quite a number of them at this point.

    You’re waiting for them to “come around”. They will not. Their pricing model makes them enough money to have kept at it now for four years.

    What you’re doing, however well-intended, sets a precedence that makes it seem okay for people to do this to anyone. Like myself, for example. Yes, I sell plugins as well. While technically you could do the same to me, it would not endear me towards helping you. Ever.

    Paul is pointing out that rather than helping people in this forum with their buddypress issues, you’re basically advertising for paid services. THAT is the problem.

    “as what happened with the ning to buddypress importer.”

    Actually, I’d like to correct you on this as well. There’s a ning-to-buddypress importer plugin in the repo written by boone – one of the BP devs. I can most assuredly say he did not rip off the premium one and stuff it in the repo.

    Boone Gorges


    `I can most assuredly say he did not rip off the premium one and stuff it in the repo.`

    Correct. I spent many hours of my free time coding that plugin. If you don’t believe me, just ask my wife, who had to put up with my constant complaining about Ning’s crappy json files.

    I don’t sell plugins myself, but I don’t have a problem with people who do. And I most certainly would not go out of my way to hurt those people financially, if their only “crime” is charging for their work. (Occasionally, there are other issues to be considered.)

    It’s specious of you to argue that, on the one hand, the world needs more volunteers, and at the same time to pull this kind of stunt. Pulling the rug out from someone’s business will not make them “see the light” and start volunteering here. It will only make them angry.

    Andrea_r I know we are walking on a fine fine hear – as I told Paul, opening Pandora’s box.

    Boone, apoplogies for not having made that clear – though when you did release your ning to buddypress importer, they where quick to jump and show their faces.

    I have spoken to Paul and respect his comment, along with the others. We will head over to the WordPress forums.

    @DJpual said he will be closing this?

    Boone Gorges


    Cool, I’ll close it.

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