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Ajax updating member header bp_activity_latest_update?

  • mrglasspoole



    i have the member header above the member activity.php. If i post something the post shows up in the loop immediately after submit.
    But how to update it also immediately in the header (bp_activity_latest_update( bp_displayed_user_id() ))?

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  • Boone Gorges


    How much do you know about jQuery and AJAX? You’d have to extend the bp-default javascript so that, on the AJAX response, it also updates the contents of div#latest-update. Not too difficult, but it would take a bit of time custom coding the necessary JS, as well as the PHP callback that would produce the necessary HTML.



    My jQuery and Ajax is ok, but my PHP is not so good (most time trial and error and wasting time). Thats the reason why the ajax.php is a nightmare to me.
    If i would unterstand how and where the new update gets injected in the loop, i would fire up jQuery after that to grap the content of bp_activity_content_body() from entry.php and put it in.


    just in the momend i was writing the above i had the lightening. I was looking around in ajax.php and didn’t see how it works. You know why – cause the action is in global.js.
    And here it is:
    jq(“span#put-latest”).each(function() {
    jq(this).text($(“ul#activity-stream .activity-inner”).eq(0).text());

    Sometimes you can’t see the wood becaus of all the trees….

    Sorry for spelling errors, i’m german.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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