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Ajaxifying buddypress search form

  • raminjan


    Hey guys I found this article/code I should sayfrom:
    php_ajax_livesearch.asp and it explains how to make a ajax search form which is kind of like facebooks but it’s lacking a search button anyway I was just wondering to know any experts out there who would like to take buddypress’s search form and the code which is open to public I think on this website, to make better buddypress search form now I don’t mean making a plugin but refining the code for buddypress’s search form. the buddypress’s search form code is explained in the following image:

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  • Are you asking someone to write a plugin for you? I doubt this will happen, unless you hire a developer to do it for you.



    well i am saying this for the community as your software lacks a feature. not to get me wrong the software is great I love to use it but it could improve and I hope there are some ears to listen. thanks and best regards.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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