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ajaxurl and autocomplete

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    I’ve two specific problems and I’m not certain that they are related.

    Firstly and MOST importantly… Autocomplete is not functioning on my site. I go to type up a message and press ‘A’ and nothing happens tho Firebug shoes the request being sent out it just shows no response.

    Secondly, if you look at my header information you’ll see that instead of translating and using the referenced url for ‘ajaxurl’ the code reads as it was written…

    var acfb = jQuery(“ul.first”).autoCompletefb({urlLookup: ajaxurl});

    …instead of…

    var acfb = jQuery(“ul.first”).autoCompletefb({urlLookup: ‘’});

    …even tho it is defined directly above it as…

    var ajaxurl = ‘
    (infact, for some reason this is defined twice in a row)

    …as I said I’m not sure the two are related. I did go into the back end and manually changed the ajaxurl to the correct link in the bp-messages area and then changed it back as it made no difference, the autocorrect still did not work.

    I might also point out that this is the second website I’ve setup and BOTH are experiencing this same exact problem. Any help would be appreciated.


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  • Good in Today


    As a last ditch effort to determine the problem I left all of my plugins and scripts in place, switched the theme I’m using to the default BuddyPress theme, and behold it works! So I now have a post on the Aquoid Forums to see why Suffusion is stopping autocomplete from functioning. I would still welcome any answers here, if you have any ideas… But the problem does appear to be with the Suffusion Theme.

    See if the theme is defining its own “ajaxurl” variable in its javascript.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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