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aligning buddypress with rest of page

  • Isabel Eyre



    This is an amazing feature, but unfortunately I’m a bit slow and stupid (I’m afraid i’m one of those annoying ‘newbies’ with dumb questions), and I can’t work out how to get all this aligned:

    At the moment, the sidebar is at the bottom. I’ve tried ‘replicating my theme’s html code in the buddypress template’, but to no avail. Would be so grateful for any help, preferably explained slowly and for stupid people!

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  • Isabel Eyre


    Hopefully I’m not so annoying that no-one is going to answer! But I’ve been trying to follow the steps in the buddypress compatibility plugin, and I particularly don’t understand where to put this:




    David Z


    I had a similar problem. I spent a lot of time trying to edit the files under ../plugins/bp-template-pack/templates and nothing was changing! I browsed through my theme folder /wp-content/themes/ and saw that BP had inserted all of the BP template files within my theme folder — so I was making the edits to the wrong files! Are you certain you are editing the .php files under wp-content/themes/ or are you editing them in the bp-template-pack/templates?

    Also, you don’t put [HEADER] etc. anywhere. But you probably do have to change the HTML structure of the template files that BP placed within your theme’s directory.

    In order for BP to work, the BP templates need to have that structure. They default to:

    <div id=”container”>
    <div id=”content”>

    My theme had a php call for the header (that’s what they mean by “[HEADER]”) and then what followed was:

    <div id=”mainpage”>
    <div id=”content”>

    So I was able to go in to the BP templates that were placed within my theme directory, and change all of the “containers” to say “mainpage” and that resolved the problem. Of course your structure may be more sophisticated/complicated than that but it should be similar fix.

    Philo Hagen


    @fennelandfern I have a three column site with customized column widths ( Looking at the page you have linked it seems pretty clear to me that the content in your sidebar is wider than the default settings your sidebar are set for. Even looking at your index page makes this clear as you have ads that are hanging off over the edge. So this isn’t just a Buddypress issue, this is an issue for your doing with WordPress as a whole. It looks like your ads are probably 300k in width and I’m thinking that your sidebar is set to be something like 260k in width. Consequently you need to either a) change the size of your ads so that they fit in the space allotted for them, or b) change the size of your sidebar to make it wide enough for your content to be displayed – change the CSS width for your sidebar. If you don’t know CSS get someone to help you that does.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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