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All blog Admin links to public site stay on Admin Dashboard (& no post previews)

  • gazouteast


    Hi All

    BP 1.1.2 on WPMU 2.8.4a

    Only WPMU plugins active are Akismet & BuddyPress

    Default BP theme active site wide

    All WPMU and BP Admin settings are pretty much vanilla out of the box (except personal quirks like 15-line post editing window and stuff like that)

    Site is new-build and testing with 3 Site Admin user accounts plus one blog admin, 3 blogs established (created) – no actual users or user content.

    PROBLEM – The BuddyPress side of things seems to be pretty well behaved and doing what it should be doing (including allowing user and blog creation – e.g. additional blog for existing user with blog, and so on) but since adding BP …. using any link in blog Admin that I would expect to jump to site, post, page etc to view them (including previewing saved drafts of posts and pages) simply returns the window (or new window / tab) to the blog’s admin page.

    I’ve recreated this with a grandchild theme of bp-sn-parent / bp-default theme (only had css entries for fixed width site aligned screen centre in the grandchild’s css) and with non-BP WPMU and WP themes activated per blog (site home-blog and user blogs) and it’s constant,

    Basivcally, it makes the entire site non-viable,

    I’ve not yet tried de-activating BP to see if it persists (partly because of deactivation horror stories here in the BP forums, and partly because I want BP on this site).

    Does anyone have any clue why blog admins are locked into their dashboard once they go there? and how to get them out of it other than hitting the ALT+F4 keys on the browser?

    Thanks in advance.

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