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All blog posts missing

  • Mark Leonard


    I have not made many posts on my main blog (Home Site) but after installing the site wide tags plugin which created a tags blog, I deactivated the plugin due to multiple posts. I then made a new post and I checked the news page and noticed that this new post was the only post there. All previous categories gone, all archives gone. Dashboard only shows the new post.

    The only post that showed on the tags blog was the new post. I then deactivated the tags blog.

    Does anyone know what possibly went wrong here?

    Also is there a reason why my comments box under each post only appears if I click the comments link?

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  • Burt Adsit


    donncha’s site wide tags and bp don’t play well together. I disabled the activity component of bp and things seem to work much better now. I need the site wide tags and would like the activity component. I had to choose and site wide tags won.

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