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All BP links redirecting to home page…

  • Benjamin Allison


    1) Fresh install of WordPress.
    2) Fresh install of bbpress 2.0 RC (I prefer it to BP’s bbpress implementation)
    3) Using the bbPress Twenty Ten theme
    4) Install Buddypress
    5) Turn off Groups and Forums
    6) Install BuddyPress Template Pack and move template files as instructed

    None of the links related to BP work. They all point to the home page.

    I’m the only user (admin).

    Now, if I switch to the default BP them, things work… so what in the bbpress TwentyTen theme is giving me grief?

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  • Benjamin Allison


    Fwiw, it’s WP 3.2.1, bbpress 2.0 RC-4, Buddypress 1.2.9

    It’s in the root directory, everything was functioning normally (and is, apart from the redirect issue). No upgrades, all fresh installations. No other plugins are running, and no customization has taken place.

    Doug M


    Did you get this resolved? If so…could you enlighten me please….I’ve got the same issues.

    Same here…. exactly the same

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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