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All Members count counts expired Memberpress members

  • tom durocher


    I’m on version 9.x and I do have the Buddypress add-on for Memberpress.

    On my Buddypress Members page, there is an All Members count, a search box, a dropdown filter, and a list of members.

    The first problem is that the All Members count was is way higher than my current active Memberpress members. It appears to be virtually all MP members who ever signed up, active or otherwise.

    The second problem is that the list of members only includes people who have recently done something in Buddypress, and not those who have only done something in MP (such as login).

    The third problem is a search does not succeed unless the member has done something recently in buddypress.

    The last two problems go away if I set the dropdown to alphabetical, but the default seems to be Last Active. I guess the root of all these problems is that BP is not taking MP activities into account when determining BP activity. In other words, no integration there.

    Thanks for your help. Unable to find solutions in BP doc or forum, nor in MP docs. Also, MP support sends me to you, which does make sense.

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