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All members from first registration auto ability to contribute to default blog?

  • mcrustk2


    I have installed WP and BP 1.2.3 for my community site.

    I would like all members that register to be able to add a post to my default Blog (News) similar to that explaned in the following plugin:


    I just wondered if the above mentioned plugin is now redundant in BP 1.2.3 and there is some way of activating this functionality already that im not currently aware of?


    If not, I would let each member create a blog. If I did that, how would I keep the origional theme\branding and admin navigation so the users ‘sub’ blogs appeared under my default WPMU/BP install? Similar to how Ning does it (this may not be applicable depending on answer to 1.)

    Many Thanks.

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  • jivany


    If you just want users to be able to submit blog posts, why not use regular WP instead of WPMU? In the WP settings, set the user’s default role to be contributor or something higher than subscriber. Then they can access the backend and write blog posts on the blog.

    Note that this functionality doesn’t really have anything to do with BuddyPress.

    The only reason to run WPMU is if you want your users to each have their own blog. If you don’t want to offer that, don’t run WPMU. ;)

    BuddyPress just provides the social networking functionality (activity streams/updates, forums, groups, etc.).

    As for Burt’s plugin, I think it might not longer be necessary in most cases now that BP runs on WP Single and not only on WPMU. I’m probably mistaken though.




    Thanks for the update. This was what I was looking for as I couldnt find any docs/info that states clearly as you have above.


    If I change to WP instead of WPMU can users write posts on the blog via a simple ‘add post’ screen which, visually, still has the site header, navigation etc.

    I ask because most users on my site would run a mile if they saw the back-end when they clicked ‘write post’. I think they would be overwhelmed, even though to use (for us), its really simple. My target audience is older people, I think to add a post they just want to see a box much like the ‘reply’ box im typing this message in right now. Any ideas?



    There are plugins that allow WP users to write posts without going into the backend. I think TDO Mini Forms ( allows this. I’m not that familiar with the plugin though.

    I think there is also a “quickpress” type plugin to allow the same as what the “quickpress” function does on the main dashboard in WP.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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