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All New Pages I Create Show BP Members Page

  • Nm


    Hello guys! Long time no see!

    I have this site all new everything.

    And just now I created a new page template with a custom members loop in the template.

    I assigned the template to the new page I created and I made the BP members page the parent.

    It didn’t work for whatever reason. I canned it and I tried not using BP members as the parent.

    Now any new Page I create, shows the BP Members Page. I create an About page with no template or anything I get the BP members page, etc. etc.

    I’ve checked jsut about everything, BP Page Settings. I’ve turned of all other plugins. I reinstalled a new download of BuddyPress. Tried parent theme instead of my child theme.

    I can’t see what it might be?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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