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All those premium plugins drive me crazy!

  • DS



    Why is it that the ratio premium/free plugins is so much worse for Buddypress then it is for WordPress?
    All the time when I look for some nice plugins I end up having to subscribe, become member and such to even test the plugin…

    What do you people think, is this temporarily and is it just because Buddypress needs more time to grow before there is a big and healthy free plugin environment?

    Ans also, doesn’t the whole discussion about GPL and themes that was going on some weeks ago also apply for plugins?

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  • Boris


    Once again, GPL does not mean that something is for free. Programmers can charge for their work. Once the end-consumer has the code he or she can do whatever they want with the plugin, because the code is GPL. I would argue that you will get a an even better and healthier plugin environment with paid for add-ons in the mix. These programmers try to live from their work and it will be in their best interest to provide first-class support, whereas authors of free plugins might only fix bugs if they have the time to do it. One of the best examples for this is Gravity Forms. Excellent plugin, great support, fair price.

    Just some food for thought…

    Boone Gorges


    I give pretty much all my work away for free, but I fully support the right of others not to do so. As @travel-junkie suggests, in the long run the community will be healthier if there are multiple paths available for developers to create GPL code and at the same time make a living. Some will do this by client work and some through premium plugins.



    true… good point… I guess you are both right in that regard.
    It was maybe just that the contrast between the wealth of free plugins available at WordPress and the modest amount here at Buddypress.

    And next to that: I am actually very happy to pay for great software, the problem is only that with some of the premium sites you first have to pay before you can even test if you like what they have to offer. But I guess it isn’t possible to code a plugin in a way that it expires after sometime of being used…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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