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allow members and groups directory page to use featured image

  • samrura


    I’ve been trying to work this out for a couple of days now still with no luck,

    So I managed to give bbpress forum a featured image support
    add_post_type_support('forum', array('thumbnail'));

    and im trying to do the same with buddypress groups and members

    but I had a look in the docs for buddypress and couldn’t find the class/function/method to use

    is thier any easy way to do this or am I better to make custom headers for the two pages

    thanks guys any insite on this will be much appreciated

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  • Jon Fergus


    Anyone have any luck with this one? I’m trying to find a way to set a featured image that will work as the og:image for groups. Having no luck figuring it out yet.

    Also, I was able to add the ability to include a featured image for a forum, but the featured image I set isn’t showing up as the og:image in the facebook debugger. See here where I posted about it in the bbpress forum. Not sure if this glitch is because my forum is within a buddypress group…?? If anyone has a clue how to do this, please share.

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