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Allow the user to duplicate some profile fields

  • Hello,

    I will try to be concise for explain to you what I want to do. Sorry if you have some difficulties to read my message, I’m not very fluent in english, I will do my best.

    For a final project of a course at my university, my group have to make a website were the students and past students can login and see intern and job offer, add also see other users profile. For this project, we need to have a detailed profile, so we have chosen Buddypress.

    We doesn’t have any difficulty to create the profile fields. on the other side, in the profile, we need to have all professional and academic experience, like in a curriculum vitae. A user can have on or many experience(s).

    Now, in a group name “Professional experience(s)”, where we put some field :

    • responsibility
    • name of the company
    • year

    So for now, the users can only inform one professional experience. Ideally, the user must add more than one experience, and with no limit(there will be a limit, but not yet define).

    THE question : It is possible to add a button after the profile field that I’ve define above “Add a professional experience”. Like this, the user can add as many professional experience he want, and we are not force to create X time the profiles fields for nothing, in the case of a user that have only one processional experience.

    I hope I was able to express myself well and that you understand the issue.

    Thank you for your help,

    Benjamin Dubé

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  • Hello,

    No one know if there a solution for this ?

    I have continue my search. I have found a solution, but entirely based on JavaScript and this is far from ideal. This solution is to create many profile field groups, then hide them all except the first with Javascript, and add a button that will show the next group.

    Thank you for your help,


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