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Allow users to upload files i.e. PDF files … via custom fields?

  • Nirok


    Hi all i’m creating a website at the moment using buddypress as a way of shop keepers to look after there shop profiles and allows for easy addition and deletion wehn shops change… I’m just wanting to know if there is a way to add an uploading function to the custom fields to allow files to be shown in a particular part of there profile when they upload a file…. I’m wanting this to allow users to upload a dinner menu for there shop, usually a pdf file… is this possible at the moment? I’ve used custom fields to add phone numbers etc etc, would be cool if it was possible to add an uploading area here aswell….

    Any ideas would be much appreciated….


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  • Jean-Marc


    Sure have you considered the group document plugin? Each Shop Profile could be a group. Install the plugin and see if that can help.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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