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alpha filter loses members in Search Members

  • whedlund


    There’s something wrong with the ‘Search Members’ & ‘Viewing Members’ portion of the Members Directory on my site.

    I have a total of 933 members loaded into the site. They have all been active at some point, so they should be showing up in a member search. If I have the ‘Order By’ filter set to the default ‘Last Active’ then the Members Directory says “Viewing member 1 to 20 (of 933 active members)”. However, if I change the ‘Order By’ filter to ‘Alphabetical’ the Members Directory changes to saying, “Viewing member 1 to 20 (of 576 members). What’s worse is, those missing members actually are missing. I can’t scroll through the pages to find them and I can’t search for them.

    Help. I’m getting a lot of emails from users about this as this is very much a social website – with members trying to find and connect with other members.

    thanks in advance.

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