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Alphabetical member list shows all network users

  • Juanfrito



    I’m using BuddyPress 1.7.1 with WordPress 3.5.1 multisite.

    Due to my needs, I had to install and setup BuddyPress in one of my network sub-sites, so it’s not in the main site.

    Can’t give you my site adress, sorry, for it is a private one and you won’t see anything but the login page, but imagine something like the main site being, say,, and then with buddypress plugin enabled.

    I have some users within the network, but only some of them in bpress sub-site. For example, 90 users in total, but only 10 in bpress.

    Now the weird thing, when I log in bpress and visit the members page, I can see the correct number of users if I select Last Active or Newest Registered (in the example, 10), BUT if I select Alphabetical then I get the full list of network users (in the example, 90). I can even click and see the non buddypress users profile, even when it shouldn’t even exist.

    Tried two themes (BuddyPres default and Magazine Basic), just in case it could be theme related, but same results

    I know having BuddyPress installed in a subdomain in a network WordPress installation is not the wisest thing, but it’s how I had to do it for my specific situation, any hints?


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