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Alt Atribute on IE, Link to Images of Profiles/Widget

  • Marcelo Vetter


    Sorry for my bad english…

    There is no ALT atribute image tags for Internet Explorer users on all BB system, and get text “Avatar Image” when pass the mouse over image profiles…

    Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari are OK, uses TITLE atribute Tags, but Internet Explorer dont uses TITLE atribute tag. I dont found other topic for this issue…

    Many profile images entire the system do not have links to the profiles. This disturbs users because you need to clic in the text of the profile name…


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  • Marcelo Vetter


    .. on all BP system.. (BuddyPress, not BB)



    Do you mean that it doesnt show as a tooltip or that it doesnt appear in the source code? IE has always been the ugly duckling among the browsers so you cant think that its that strange that it behaves differently.

    Btw, I’m not really following what your problem is here, the only problem of a not appearing alt tag is that it might be a bit bad for SEO. I do not see how that could trouble users.



    I’ve just noticed this problem while using IE too (I usually use FF).

    The problem is that the username / alias doesn’t show up — instead, all you get when e.g. mousing over profiles is “Avatar Image” … perhaps this is due to the difference between IE / FF about which source to display for images (I think 1 uses alt tag, the other uses title tag)

    This is a quite annoying bug — for IE users (since the problem doesn’t exist in FF)

    Seeing as there are still HUGE numbers of IE users out there, I think this is a BIG problem.


    HTML4 spec –


    For user agents that cannot display images, forms, or applets, this attribute specifies alternate text.


    title = text [CS]

    This attribute offers advisory information about the element for which it is set.

    Unlike the TITLE element, which provides information about an entire document and may only appear once, the title attribute may annotate any number of elements. Please consult an element’s definition to verify that it supports this attribute.

    Values of the title attribute may be rendered by user agents in a variety of ways. For instance, visual browsers frequently display the title as a “tool tip” (a short message that appears when the pointing device pauses over an object). Audio user agents may speak the title information in a similar context. For example, setting the attribute on a link allows user agents (visual and non-visual) to tell users about the nature of the linked resource:

    IE7 onwards will display title text. This is one of many IE6 issues.



    ah, OK (thanks! )

    I don’t see much of a reason to “upgrade” my IE (as I said, I rarely use it)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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