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Alternate unique identifier instead of email?

  • kama


    If we add a script of code to allow our WordPress site to allow the same email address for multiple user accounts, would Buddypress still work? (Working on a social site where a user may want to have multiple profiles, but have communication from each sent to their same email address.)

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  • r-a-y


    I don’t think that would work. WordPress only allows one email address to be tied to a user account.

    You could probably create a secondary profile field or user marker for additional email addresses, which you could then tie to email communications. Would be a lot of work to add all that custom code to fire those secondary emails though.

    If I were a user wanting multiple accounts to use the same email address, I would just use email aliases to create new accounts. This can easily be done with GMail (, Then all email communications would be received at



    I’m thinking to use Formidable Forms for the user registration, and they offer this as an option:

    Don’t require a unique email#
    This can be used alongside a plugin that allows multiple user accounts to be registered to the same email address. This will remove the error added to the email field for a non-unique email address. Replace 50 with the ID of your Email Address field.

    add_filter( 'frm_validate_field_entry', 'remove_email_error', 25, 3 );
    function remove_email_error( $errors, $field, $value ) {
        $email_field_id = 50;
        if ( $field->id == $email_field_id && isset( $errors[ 'field'. $field->id ] ) && $errors['field'. $field->id] == 'This email address is already registered.' ) {
          unset( $errors['field'. $field->id] );
      return $errors;

    So I’m just curious if this would work with Buddypress.



    Just learned that there don’t seem to be current plugins that allow multiple user accounts 🙁 Ughh…this is awful!



    Kama, we’re looking for a similar solution. Do keep us posted if you come across anything.



    While this is a valid workaround, which we have tried. But its confusing for the end user and they sometimes fumble with the alias format and lose out account access, creates support overhead etc.

    The need described by kama is similar to facebook pages or YouTube channels – they are a social network with members having profiles but also multiple members can manage a page or a YouTube channel.
    Typical use cases for VIP members who May want their assistants to operate and update certain sections of their accounts without giving away the credentials of their account. The VIP user could allow read/write permissions to certain sections of the profile. For e.g. my assistant can edit my profile, but not read my private message’s or change my subscription type



    > Typical use cases…

    Those scenarios don’t require multiple accounts to use the same email address for registration.

    The ‘assistants’ could have their own account.
    And then create an interface where a ‘VIP’ could select members to ‘operate and update certain sections of their accounts‘. Or ‘communication from each sent to their same email address.’

    The latter use-case is quite simple.

    The former would be more work. How granular the permissions are is determined by how much code you want to write.



    We’re looking for the same thing.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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