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Am I in the right place? Website concept

  • Graeme


    Hi all, I would like to create a site that works on the concept outlined below.
    I love using WordPress so started looking for plugins to fit the bill.
    Is BuddyPress (with or without additional 3rd party addons) the tool I need to use?
    Could anyone suggest a combination of settings/plugins to achieve this, or point me in the right direction of something I can use that can handle this behaviour (no offence BP):

    – PersonA can create an personal account.
    – Website collects personal info fields for PersonA
    – Website also allows PersonA to fill in with Custom Fields X,Y,Z
    – PersonB also creates a personal account and can search for Custom Field X and view the details of Custom Fields X, Y and Z (but no personal details of PersonA)
    – PersonB can then send PersonA an (anonymous both ways) private message.
    — Better still, can choose from a selection of pre-loaded messages to send (no free text)
    – PersonA receives an email/notification of their new alert/message.

    Option 2 – As above, but with a extended:
    – Each user account could have multiple sets of Custom Fields X, Y and Z
    — That is, they login with their “persona account” and through the one account, can receive alerts/messages reported through any of their ‘listings’ – ItemA(X,Y,Z) ItemB(X,Y,Z)

    I hope that makes sense!
    Appreciate any help i can get.
    Please point me in the right direction, even if it’s to the door 🙂

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