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An Easy One: How do you handle updates to plugins and wordpress themes?

  • Robert


    This maybe an easy answer for most but would really love anyone to walk me through what they do, the steps they follow when updating plugins or the theme they are using in general.
    This is my first buddypress site and it seems like it is quite possible to have 15-20 active plugins running at any given point. Do you update your plugins as soon as a new version is released and what is the process, step by step please, that you follow so that you do not lose any information, settings, etc. when upgrading? Please be specific, in terms of how you save the information, where, with what programs, etc. and how you re-intergrate your information with the updated plugin. Same goes for when you have to upgrade wordpress, do you reactivate all plugins, save contents (how?), and then re-activate?
    Thank you so much for helping out a newbie to buddypress and wordpress, of sorts, as well.

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  • @mercime


    – Backup database and server files regularly, especially before any BuddyPress or WordPress upgrade
    – Set up and maintain test installation/s which mirror/s live site/s. That’s where I check out all plugins and upgrades first before installing in live site. No rush to upgrade BP or WP install unless it’s a security release. Still, better to test first.
    – Check out WordPress and BuddyPress forums for red flags re upgrades, plugins, etc.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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