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An observation I made about people who “try” to hack things…

  • EthanVan


    It seems like these boards get cluttered up with several people who are attempting to do things they shouldn’t do, such as coding. I don’t mean to be jerky but, if you don’t really know what you’re doing you should study or hire someone who does. Save yourself and the real developers here some headaches.

    My favorites are the; “OMG what did I do?”, posts. To which I restrain myself from replying; “Something you obviously shouldn’t have!”.

    Far be it from me to “should judge” others, but it gets old seeing the layman performing the simplest of tasks with the most dreadful of outcomes. They are most surely sitting there telling themselves they shouldn’t have done what they did, hoping that someone will step in and help them for free.

    Moochers? Maybe. Incompetent at coding? Obviously. In an age of technology driven resources with an abundance of learning tools, one who decides to venture into the wild blue yonder of hacking should nose to book before attempting to dabble in the wizardry of it all.

    Flame me, five me, I don’t care either way, but please don’t ask me to fix your mistakes before you google.

    – Ethan

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  • Anonymous

    @ethanvan I understand your feelings but you should understand that the software and the team of people that support it does not discriminate against those who do not have coding experience. Its in bad taste to make such a statement because at one time you was a beginner. How would you feel if no one helped or mentored you? Think about it!



    I was told to “google it” by my best mentor and I have since been with the “do it yourself” attitude. I appreciated the push to learn on my own once I got it. Before I had the mentality of doing it on my own I did not retain much info and was constantly asking the same things over and over, making a fool out of myself.

    I respect that people want to help others, but the person being helped should also try harder to help themselves, IMO. Where would the world be if everyone went around asking everyone else to solve their problems ALL the time?

    This post was just a vent, an outlet for a bit of frustration, nothing more.


    It can be frustrating and to a degree I agree with the methodologies of learning it on your own because it is empowering when you know what your doing and having to rely less on getting help but I won’t turn my back on anyone asking for my help. I believe in paying it forward.



    Paying it forward is a great practice I must admit. :)



    Not the place to vent your frustrations. Closing this.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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