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Anchor tags/permalinks for individual forum posts?

  • lautering


    Quick question: has anyone come up with a solution for permalinks to individual forum posts? The activity stream just links to the forum itself, and there are no permalinks within the actual forum page in the default template. As we’ve all seen here, there can be valuable information within an individual post, but a given thread may have 50+ posts.

    These forums have them, but I’m a little lost on implementation. Any ideas? I’ve seached around but haven’t come up with the proper code.

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  • Mike Pratt


    Not sure what you’re talking about. In 1.2 the permalinks on the activity stream for forum posts take you right to the post, not the forum itself (“View” And you can alwys click on the topic title or the forum to go to those levels.



    In beta or RC? I’m using beta, and the permalinks on the activity stream take you to the topic thread, but not to an individual post. Within the threads themselves, there are no hyperlinks (unless I’ve messed up some code somewhere and deleted them).

    What I’m looking for is a permalink as it exists on these forums — like where the # links to under each individual post.



    Upgrade to RC2 then.

    Since you’re on 1.2 beta, you can just download RC2 and overwrite the files.

    Check out

    It’s running on RC2 and the forum posts have permalinks.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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