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Andy, Still an error

  • I saw on my last post about the error I was getting on the signup process with the PHP script I was running on the header. You said use the trunk version and I would be good. I did as you said and the error during the actual signup is gone, but the “Full Name” field is still missing on the signup page, and once you get the activation email and click the activation link….you get THIS error:

    An error occurred during the activation

    Invalid activation key.

    Here is the link to the original (closed) topic:

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  • just did a clean install of the entire site (WPMU, BP trunk,etc)….this is still an issue.

    I can’t reproduce this, and I don’t see that many people reporting this as a problem. What is your server set up, and your PHP/MySQL/Apache version numbers?

    Server Information


    Operating system Linux

    Linux kernel version 2.6.27-grsec

    Apache version 2.2.11 (Unix)

    Perl version 5.8.8

    PHP version 5.2.8

    MySQL version 5.0.67-community-log

    Path to Perl /usr/bin/perl

    Path to sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail

    There you go. Whats odd is if I take BP out of the picture totally the script and site work fine….the script itself works fine no matter what…its the signup process thats having trouble. When I reinstall BP the signup page has an error, namely, the Full Name Field is MISSING on the signup page, which leads to the error. This was not an issue with BP Beta1, so something changed since then that is causing a conflict. I understand that this issue is not widespread because not everyone will use php inthe header, but whoever does this will be an issue, so in the future this may be a pretty large issue. Thanks for your help.

    Do the database tables get created? Sounds like they are not.

    yes they are all there, I went through this with burtadsit. that’s how we narrowed this down to this exact issue. they are there and correctly populated. Here is what I will do, I will drop the related tables, uninstall BP, then reinstall BP and see if this works then. Give me an hour or 2 as I am in the middle of some other stuff, thanks. I hope to get this solved so I can get this site done, thanks for all the help

    Do a clean install – don’t include your script or anything like that. Just a standard installation from scratch. I need to remove your server setup from the causes.

    a clean install of BP only you mean? By the way the DB fields are not being created after doing what I just said

    ok, here is what I just did…

    1) deleted all databases completely

    2) created brand new database for the MU/BP install

    3) Installed latest trunk of MU 2.7

    4) Tested everything…no issues at all

    5) Installed latest trunk of BP

    6) Looked at the DB, the correct fields are there

    7) Tested everything…no issues at all

    –“Full Name” Field is there

    –Registration goes perfectly

    The above is using the WPMU Default theme!

    Now, I have pulled that problem script out of the header of my custom theme and am going to upload it, activate it and see what happens without the script. Will report back.


    Everythign worked fine. Next.

    Ok, I added the php script back into the header….”Full Name” field gone again. So we have done the same procedure abotu 10 times and have concluded that that will not fix the issue. I think its time to start looking at this differently. I can say with 100% certainty that this all worked fine, perfectly, ALWAYS without exception on the Buddypress Beta 1. Back to square one!

    So the problem is with your script, not with BuddyPress, it’s up to you to fix that.

    the script works FINE…and it worked 100% with the BETA 1 of buddypress…..its the changes to BP that are conflicting….cant be any other way. I have this script running on other sites no issue…but no BP on the sites. This script is verbatim from the PHP MANUAL.

    Maybe there is a workaround in BP that you know of….rather than running a seperate PHP script. The script basically counts the number of rows in the database I created (its a seperate database from the one running MU/BP). This number translates into the number of entries into the database. Any thoughts?

    So you are trying to say that this is a buddypress issue because your 3rd party script doesn’t run on it? It is up to you to get your 3rd party script running with buddypress and not the other way around.

    No, please let me clarify…..

    I am saying that whatever changed from BP Beta1 to BP Beta2 has caused an incompatability with the script…


    then the only thing that changed….ill say it one more time


    Now BP Beta2 and the Script dont like each other. I just want to know what changed from the 2 Betas that would make PHP scripts NOT RUN anymore in the header.

    If you are familiar with the scientific method you know that when somethign works fine then you change somethign and now it does not work…..the issue resides from the CHANGE you made. The only thing that changed was Buddypress…Nothing else changed, at all, period.

    Sorry if that came off as rude, I just wanted to make this abundantly clear. Not like this is a crazy script or something. Its simple, and straight from the PHP manual, and THE ACTUAL SCRIPT WORKS FINE, IT DOES ITS JOB FINE!~

    It’s your script, it’s up to you to get it to work. if you find out the cause, let me know and I will make adjustments.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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