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Announcing Unofficial Version 1.2 of bp-skeleton-component

  • Jeff Sayre


    Since it was necessary for us to have an up-to-date skeleton component from which to work, we went through all the Changesets since v1.1 of this component was released, making any necessary changes to bp-skeleton-component-1_1. I thought it would be useful for the community, so I polished it up a little bit and packaged it in a zip file.

    We started all the way back at Changset 1046 (the first Changeset dated february 10, 2009, the date v1.1 of the skeleton component was released) and ending with the most recent Changeset 1324. That’s 278 changesets of changes to scour.

    We’ve created a readme file, that’s distributed with the package, that lists all the Changesets implemented.

    I cannot and do not guarantee that we got everything right. I would not use this in a production environment. Only use it for development and testing purposes at this time. So, you’ve been properly warned! ;)

    Please post any issues you may have with this version of the skeleton component within this thread. As this is not an official BuddyPress pacakge, do not report bugs in trac.

    So, with that caveat, if you’re looking for the most-up-to-date BuddyPress skeleton component version, then I present to you bp-skeleton-component-1_2_URC1. The first unofficial release candidate for a version 1.2 of this developers’ bare-bones component:

    UPDATE: This version is now official (along with some more updates) please download this version. Huge thanks to Jeff Sayre for all his work on this!

    I hope you find this useful.

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  • Jeff Sayre



    How’s your plugin development going with the v1.2 of the skeleton component? Did you get the populate function working?


    It wasn’t not being able to get it working, more of an observation. Things OK so far. As time permits me to work more on it, I’ll feedback.

    Jeff Sayre



    It wasn’t not being able to get it working, more of an observation.

    Ah, I misunderstood.

    Do you think it makes sense to comment out a version of the populate() that shows it taking an argument? Or just reference some files where that happens?

    Of course, we don’t want to make the skeleton too complex or cluttered with comments. Perhaps what needs to be done is document custom component development in the codex. Sort of a simple users’ manual that references various functions that may be useful to examine as examples.

    Andy, if you’re reading this, I would appreciate your thoughts and comments on this unofficial v1.2 of the skeleton component. Obviously, there’s no big rush.

    Jeff Sayre


    V1.2_URC1 of the unofficial skeleton component has been updated.

    There was one bug fix and additional comments added to both the base file and the readme.txt.

    This version is now updated through r1342 of BP. But, it will still work if you’re using any version from r1324 up to r1342.

    If you’ve found or find any more issues, please report them in this thread.




    I say it\’s better to be good than quick. :)

    I\’ve heard that before… 8D I won\’t tell you who told me that ;)

    Sorry… I can\’t help it

    Jeff Sayre


    A new version of the Skeleton Component for plugin developers is is now available. Please see this thread for details:

    This version is now official (along with some more updates) so please download the following version:

    John James Jacoby


    We’ve got a lot of announcements and topics about this. I’m going to close this one and refer everyone to the new topic for further discussion.

Viewing 8 replies - 26 through 33 (of 33 total)
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