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another function request

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    I need to translate the following link for use within buddypress

    <a href="javascript: FC_invite_1to1_chat ('user name')">invite user name</a>

    Here is what I want to do.

    I am going to add a button to each members profile page within buddypress. I believe I can get the button in there properly, but I can’t find the buddypress variables that I should use.

    I need to replace ‘user name’ with the buddypress variable that returns the username of the user whose page is being viewed.

    I then need to replace ‘invite user name’ with the buddypress variable that returns the ‘pretty buddypress username’

    I think that one is bp_user_fullname

    so would example be:

    <a href="javascript: FC_invite_1to1_chat ('<? bp_user_name() ?>')"><? bp_user_fullname() ?></a>

    does that look like the proper syntax to return the user_login and user_nicename from the database for the members whose page it is?

    btw I’m guessing that it is bp_user_name and bp_user_fullname I am NOT SURE this is correct….

    sorry for such a generic question… it’s a learning experience for me

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    ok maybe this would be easier if i ask the question like this.

    what is the ‘bp variable’ I use if i want to display ‘the current logged in username’ in any code that I write?

    meaning I need command that says ‘logged in user’ says hello

    what is the variable for ‘logged in user’ ?


    what is the variable used to display the ‘username’ of the member whose profile I am viewing?

    I don’t mean the ‘pretty username’ but the actual login username….


    hope this results in replies as it may be easier to understand my question when put this way.



    Hey Anointed,

    Try this:

    global $current_user;

    echo $current_user->user_login;

    That will get you the current logged-in username and not the display name.

    You might want to wrap that around an is_user_logged_in() conditional.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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