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another problem when it's a single item

  • grosbouff


    Hi; I got another problem while trying to handle a single item.

    First, this is the code which ‘handles’ my navigation (checks if we are in our profile, in another profile, in the directory or viewing a single item)

    if ($bp->current_component == $bp->classifieds->slug) { //we are in classifieds
    if (bp_is_home()) { //we are in our profile
    }elseif (($bp->displayed_user->id) && (!bp_is_home())) {//we are in someone else profile
    }else if ( $bp->is_single_item ) {
    // We are viewing a single classified, so set up the
    // classified navigation menu using the $classified_obj global.

    /* When in a single classified, the first action is bumped down one because of the
    classified name, so we need to adjust this and set the classified name to current_item. */
    $bp->current_item = $bp->current_action;
    $bp->current_action = $bp->action_variables[0];

    $classified_link = $bp->root_domain . '/' . $bp->classifieds->slug . '/' . $classified_obj->slug . '/';

    // Reset the existing subnav items

    bp_core_add_nav_default( $bp->classifieds->slug, 'classifieds_screen_classified_home', 'home' );
    bp_core_add_subnav_item( $bp->classifieds->slug, 'home', __('Home', 'buddypress'), $classified_link, 'classifieds_screen_classified_home', 'classified-home' );
    // If the user is a classified mod or more, then show the classified admin nav item */
    }else { //we are in directory
    $bp->is_directory = true;


    So if we are viewing a single item; this is the function called :

    function classifieds_screen_classified_home() {
    global $bp;

    echo "function classifieds_screen_classified_home";exit;

    if ( isset($_GET['new']) ) {
    // Delete classified request notifications for the user

    do_action( 'classifieds_screen_classified_home' );

    bp_core_load_template( apply_filters( 'classifieds_template_classified_home', 'classifieds2/classified-home' ) );


    Here’s my problem :

    If I go to /classifieds/classified1234

    It goes to the function classifieds_screen_classified_home() and runs the code echo “function classifieds_screen_classified_home”; exit; ).

    But If I go to /classifieds/classified1234/watch

    It does not !

    What is strange is that in my code above; if I put

    echo “single item”;exit;

    at the top or at the bottom inside my statement

    }else if ( $bp->is_single_item ) {

    and that I try

    /classifieds/classified1234 or /classifieds/classified1234/watch, it does echoes “single item” then exit.

    So I don’t understand why after it doesn’t run the function classifieds_screen_classified_home.

    Any idea ?

    Thanks a LOT.

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  • Burt Adsit


    I think you are relying on $bp->is_single_item for your url parsing. I’m not sure that var gets set to what you expect it to be set to. In the url signature you mention above:


    The $bp->current_component is ‘classifieds’ the $bp->current_action would be ‘classified1234’ and $bp->action_var’s would be an empty array. Adding the ‘watch’ to the end of the url such as:


    would make the $bp->action_var[0] be ‘watch’.

    It might be better to know the url signature you are expecting and trap for that pattern. Like:

    if ($bp->current_component == $bp->classifieds->slug && $bp->current_action){

    .. figure out if the user is in their profile or someone else’s profile ..


    if ($bp->current_component == $bp->classifieds->slug && $bp->current_action

    && ‘watch’ == $bp->action_vars[0]){

    .. ‘watch’ the classified specified in $bp->current_action ..




    Here’s what I get when I print $bp in the code that ‘handles’ the navigation :


    [current_component] => classifieds [current_action] => [action_variables] => Array ( ) [current_item] => test11919 [is_single_item] => 1


    [current_component] => classifieds [current_action] => watch [action_variables] => Array ( ) [current_item] => test11919 [is_single_item] => 1

    When I print $bp in classifieds_screen_classified_home() :


    [current_component] => classifieds [current_action] => home [action_variables] => Array ( ) [current_item] => test11919 [is_single_item] => 1

    /classifieds/classified1234/watch goes to profile page.

    I still do not understand why classifieds_screen_classified_home isn’t “fired” when adding /watch since it still respond to the statement }else if ( $bp->is_single_item ) {.

    I would rather prefer not do things like

    if ($bp->current_component == $bp->classifieds->slug && $bp->current_action
    && 'watch' == $bp->action_vars[0]){

    since it makes my code more complex.

    I would prefer use

    if (‘watch’ == $bp->action_vars[0]) inside my function classifieds_screen_classified_home…

    Possible ?

    Burt Adsit


    Are you in the member profile, or just trying to trap url signatures in the root? Is the url something like or What the nav code sees and gets as $bp vars can be completely different than what is seen in the member profile area, the group area or just the root.

    This is a confusing area of bp so it helps to know where you are working.

    It looks like $bp->is_single gets detected after the trap for ‘is the user in their own profile or somebody elses profile’. Those two cases cover all cases so $bp->is_single doesn’t even get considered. If I read your skeleton code right.



    i’m in the root (wordpress-mu/classifieds/classified1234)…



    So what I would success to have is to detect if

    -we are on a profile page

    –logged-in user profile

    –or other

    -we are on a single classified page (which should be shown inside its author profile)

    -we are in the directory (lists the classifieds in the root)

    complete code here for the nav :

    I adapted the code from the skeleton example & from the bp-groups plugin.

    What is also confusing for me is that there is a code for a single classified starting on line 4 ; but there is also code for the single classified starting at line 52.

    Maybe is there a way to simplify this.

    Thanks a lot for your help ! I appreciate..

    PS : template for directory does not load either (line 92 with statement starting at line 84)



    Burt, I updated my code to fit more like the bp-groups plugin.

    I put two echoes somewhere in the code :

    echo “classifieds_screen_directory”; (line 103)

    echo “classifieds_screen_single”; (line 118)

    which do show when I go to



    But their templates still not loading… The paths are okay.

    Could you have a look ? Thanks, it here :

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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