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Ant release date set for BP1.3?

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  • And I thought BP 1.3 just required 3.*

    I have a test install of BP 1.3 running on WP 3.0.4 and another running 1.3 on WP 1.3 RC 2

    @DJPaul will need to confirm that comment in the thread you link to.

    As for release date, you should note the blog post by John James where he announced he was proceeding with some major refactoring of the core, the open tickets is not really indicative of the amount of work left to complete with this particular cycle, I doubt that 1.3 will be ready this side of Feb and ought to go to a RC stage for a little more rigorous testing for this particular release.

    I would have thought regardless of release dates one can and should be starting to test ones themes / plugins under 1.3/3.1

    I think we hope to have a beta or a developer test release ready in a few weeks. Mainly dependant on John. No harm in developing on it now but it’s still prone to being buggy.

    but it’s still prone to being buggy. I’ll say :)

    It’s reasonably stable for judicious development on while mentally noting areas that appear buggy, but one caveat , progress with it’s development is fast and furious :0 so update your repo checkout often to keep up with fixes as I experienced recently.

    @DJPaul can you just confirm or settle that confusion on what platform 1.3 will require as far as I’m aware it’s simply the WP 3.* stream rather than 3.1

    Edit// hmm just viewed that twitter link, slightly confused now. I have 1.3 albeit a trunk checkout prior to John Jame’s changes that runs on 3.0.4 what has changed or did it really never run ‘fully’ on 3.*. Also wasn’t aware Nacin was a BP developer how is it he knows better than you what BP will run on :)



    @hnla @djpaul

    Thanks for the input guys! And hnla is right, I had neglected to account for the refactoring time required by JJJ. My bad :-(
    I also have a test site running WP3.0.* & BP1.3 trunk (that needs to be updated again this weekend as per the above suggestion) and themes are working OK so far there. So, I guess I’ll continue with updates on that install.

    perhaps take care and don’t update that actual checkout but move to a fresh install with fresh checkout of BP trunk and move your theme / plugins in as I think there will have been changes that may not sit well initially?




    That’s exactly what I was going to do. :-)
    That way, if (and when) things go haywire, one can revert back to a previous version to help track down the impact changes to BP have had in a theme, and what needs to be fixed.

    Exactly it always helps to have the original to compare to rather than just looking at a mess trying to remember what it was and what has changed. Although of course half the point of CVS is that you can always revert but sometimes a pig to do.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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