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Anti spam sign up using a custom question?

  • jameshh93


    Now that wannguard is inactive/not supported (I think), I have been trying to find how I can stop spam sign ups.

    Wangguard was really good as a feature I really liked about it was the fact that you could set a custom anti spam question unique to your site. This for me seemed to stop all spammers from signing up and seemed to out do captcha as even with recpatcha there are programs and services that allow bots to fill those out but with a custom question its unique to your site.

    Is there some plugin or code that doesn’t need updating and is what it is.. that would allow me to add custom question and then add akismet support and that should be enough to protect my site?

    —Also would like the plugin or code to be trusted, widely used and updated as according to wordfence even plugins in the wordpress repository are being exploited by hackers (seems some hacker is going around buying plugins to exploit).

    Help would be great! Thank you.

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