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Any help available to install/host BuddyPress?

  • Dworldon


    Is there any service/assistance provided to do a BuddyPress install for someone keen to start a community using BuddyPress, but lacking the technical smarts to do all the installs and fine tuning?

    I’ve been reading and reading WordPress, WordPress MU and BuddyPress doco’s and am still not confident I’d be able to get it all working – however, I now have a much better appreciation as to the skill and knowledge needed to make things work properly.

    I was hoping there might be a service where I could get someone to do the install on a server environment set up for BuddyPress, all ready for me to add plugins, contribute to the dev community (and provide some non-technically minded people’s problems) and get my social network idea up and running.

    I’ve managed content for several CMS websites, so am confident I could use the system, I just don’t know where to start with the install and am fully aware that if you do it wrong from the start, you’ll have problems with the site forever!

    Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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  • First of all you’ll want to get set up with an installation of WPMU and make sure that is running correctly.

    It’s probably a good idea to head over to the WPMU forums where there are a lot of expect WPMU users ( They will be able to help you get started with MU.

    Once you have that up and running, come back here and we can guide you through installing BuddyPress on top.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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