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Any plugins to redesign/secure the registration pages?

  • EMar Sounds



    Just a few questions,

    I’m just trying to secure my registration a bit better because after sending out my first news letter to 300+ wp members, as most of them bounced back, I came to the conclusion they were fake accounts.

    When I say bounced, I mean I get a lot of emails back saying not delivered yet, no action needed or couldn’t send to whatever email.

    I cleaned all that up but I guess I need a better registration form.

    Is BuddyPress integrated with WordPress login/registration?

    On my login page there is no captcha security, the registration form is very basic,
    Without going into the code, is there any tools to redesign the registration page?

    As far as I remember, wasn’t there an option to log a user into their buddypress profile instead of the dashboard?

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