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Any updates on bp-groupblog?

  • symm2112


    Just curious, is there any way to get in on the beta for 1.2 version of groupblog? I really like the functionality and am hoping that djpaul continues to support this as I think the added group features really make bp perfect. I need just slightly more group interaction than default but don’t really want to allow users to create/maintain blogs so the groupblog functionality is perfect. Is there any rough timeframe for it to be updated?

    I had it running on my 1.1.3 install but there was something wrong with my install and anytime i went to the group page and clicked on any links on the nav bar, it would just append the new link on it, for instance /, clicking links would then go to /groupa/blog/links, next click would go /groupa/blog/links/members, etc. I went ahead and upgraded my install to 1.2 since I’m not live yet and there are so many massive changes so I’m just trying to do a rough plan for launching the site again.

    Thanks for all you do guys!

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