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Any Way to Customize Buddypress Profile Tabs?

  • manicexpression


    I have the Buddypress Custom Profile Menu setup, what I want to happen, is when a user goes to their OWN profile, I want the default tab to be the friends activity tab(Since it’s useless to look at their own information when they go to the profile),

    Onto more complicated things,

    is there anyway to merge the personal activity tab and the profile tab so that they are the same tab? And then make this tab the default for when someone visits someone ELSE’S profile?

    I think this would streamline engagement.

    last, this is just something we used to have on an old platform that we miss, it would be awesome if we could find a way to get it here, in the upper right of all profile tabs, would it be possible to have a link to the members section of the site saying something like this,

    “Browse all members (Current number of members)”

    I understand if the last ones ot feasibly possible without hiring someone, can the first two be accomplished?

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