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Any way to remove moderation ?

  • sabitop5


    As every post with picture/link or quote is now waiting for approval, this new moderation thing is just a nightmare.

    So far, using GD Toolbox Report function to let users report posts in need of moderation (and a very secure anti-spam^^). And this was perfect for my needs.

    Now, forum is almost unusable with dozens posts per hour to approve only because some member quoted another. Or added a picture. Discussions are a nightmare to follow with posts validated too late, with many other answers in between. And, of course, users posting many times in a row because their posts wasn’t added to discussion.

    My community is too active to ask for moderators to validate posts. This is a non-sens for my usage : posts are legit until proven not.

    So : is there any way to remove this moderation option ?
    Or i’ll have to remove bbpress. After many years of service and so much time to improve my forums, time may have come to make that switch to Discourse… And, yes, it may be a conflict with Toolbox tools. But there’s no way I use bbpress without GD addon.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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