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anyone using themes from ( I need some help)

  • alexduvot



    Anyone here using themes from

    It appears that they have buddpress themes but they do not work out the box

    I am having trouble getting anyone of their buddpress themes to work.

    It appears as a work around their themes needs to uploaded to two folders to work



    any help would be appreciated , I have asked asked for support from their side, so far no fix or a reply.

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  • Xevo


    Anything related to a theme which is not the buddypress default theme should be discussed with the creator. We can’t help you and since they are premium themes, I bet they would gladly help you on their forums.

    Btw, Andy already closed your other topic.



    I was simply looking to see if anyone here was using their template and had success.

    It appears their installation steps are incorrect on how to install their themes.

    I pretty much have it figured out, their install steps are wrong, and based on the old set up.

    1t 1st none of their themes will work if anyone follows their setup steps.

    2. I was able to figure out their missing step by searching the help topics here.

    3. I found their missing step and applied it and it appears to have resolve get the templates to work issue.

    Thanks Xevo and Andy

    the other side needs better documentation



    I’m using them with no problem. I used the instructions that came with the download and to my recollection I didn’t alter the setup.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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