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APC object caching: BP input fields duplicated

  • maelga


    Hi everyone,

    When using APC object caching (set through w3tc) I am getting duplicated profile input fields on the Profile>Edit page and also on the /register page.

    By duplicated I mean the whole loop shows multiple time (i.e. xprofilefield1, xprofilefield2, xprofilefield3, and again xprofilefield1, xprofilefield2, xprofilefield3, etc.)
    On the registration page the fields are duplicated twice, while on the profile>edit page they show up 5 times!

    I have obviously tried clearing the cache but the issue remains, unless I disabled object caching altogether.
    Not sure what else I can test/change to make it work.

    I’m running all latest versions WP4.3.1, BP2.3.4 and W3TC0.9.4.1.

    Any advice or experience to share?

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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