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Apparent Bug in BuddyPress when Friends is disabled.

  • Hello (and thanks in advance for your replies),

    I have disabled Friends in BuddyPress Component Setup, I am now seeing the error below on my Members Directory page. Any idea how to resolve this (other than enabling Friends).

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_member_add_friend_button() in …/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/themes/platform/members/members-loop.php on line 52

    I am using WordPress 3.0.1 with the current version of BuddyPress, the PageLines Platform Theme and several WordPress plug-ins.


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  • Your theme needs to be updated for BP 1.2.7. Did you use the Template Pack to add support into Platform theme?

    Hi Paul,

    I do have BuddyPress Theme Compatibility plug-in installed and activated. There are 2 check boxes, neither of which is checked. Is there something additional I should be doing?

    Thank you.

    Ultimately, I went into the code and commented out that line. That resolved it.

    thanks! your advice worked for me as well!

    @desha Thanks this solved the issue.



    On line 52, replace


    `<?php if (bp_is_active('friends')) :
    echo bp_member_add_friend_button();
    endif; ?>`

    That keeps the function in there if you ever use Friends again, but takes it out if it’s turned off. Not sure why this isn’t the default way of doing this.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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