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Approval of mentions to kick off activity



    I’m not one to normally ask for help as I’ve figured out ways to do quite a few things but I just need some conceptual help from people smarter than I.

    I have a buddypress instance where someone performs an action on my website (using strava as an example, imagine it’s them logging a workout) and it creates A) a database entry in my own database and B) an activity in the BP world (and database of course).

    I am looking to add the ability to tag another user in this activity, and then the other user would then verify (yes/no) and if yes, then it creates the activity in the BP world and in my database.

    I have so far been able to add mentions to my custom form (without a problem, what an easy system!) but I’m stuck conceptually how to continue.

    Should I create a duplicate activity with the tagged user’s ID? Will that lead to them getting a notification? Is there a way for them to approve or decline the notification that is already in existence or will I have to build something for that?

    Just looking for the most “BuddyPress-ic” way to attack this problem and was hoping I could use your insight.

    Thanks in advance!

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