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  • fivehead


    Hey Team BuddyPress, I have the beginnings of an idea, and I think WordPress Multisite/BuddyPress is the solution, but can’t quite nail it down, due to lack of experience. I have a good deal of WP experience, but none with WPMU or BP, so I’m hoping the BP crowd can help make it click (my apologies in advance for long-windedness).

    The high level idea is to have 1 main site (hypothetically named to protect the innocent) and surround it with niche sites (,, etc.). In the interest of the 24 hours a day rule, I need something scalable. I’m hopeful that WPMU is the answer to that prayer: 1 WP admin to rule them all. Up to this point, I’ve only talked WP, but please weigh in if you see any red flags waving. Is it possible to extend wpmu to standalone domains instead of subdomains?

    BuddyPress will go on, but there needs to be BP functionality on the niche sites as well. As with above, it would be nice to have the single install reside on the mothership site. Is that possible? BPMU, perhaps?

    It would be ideal if the niche site’s BP was aware of the main BP and vice versa. For example, Larry happens upon through organic Google search. After signing up and bumming around for a bit, he/she sees the activity stream for, which alerts them to the the existence of Turns out Larry is interested in as well and finds his way over to He bums around for a bit and decides he wants to become a member of this community as well.

    In case you got lost in my ramblings, here are all of my questions, simplified:
    1. Is it possible to extend wpmu to standalone domains instead of subdomains?
    2. Is it possible to have a single install of BuddyPress, but have separate networks across a WPMU?
    3. Is it possible to display certain data from the BP root on the niche sites and vice versa?
    4. If a person is a member of niche site A, does he have to go through the registration process all over again to become a member of niche site B?

    Thanks in advance for your time and responses that will surely lead me out of this dark place I’m in!

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  • r-a-y


    1) Here’s a great tutorial post about Multisite and how to map subsites to domains:

    2) As for BuddyPress on the niche sites, you might want to look into a BuddyPress multi-network plugin.

    There are a few plugins out there that do this.

    Here are some examples:

    3) This would require using switch_to_blog() function and using some BP-specific code on the main site I believe.

    4) If you use the steps in point 2, then I believe so. If you want to share the same BP data across all your sites, then don’t do point 2 and you won’t have to use a different registration page.

    Note: This is all off the top of my head and I could be wrong in a few areas!

    Hope that helps somewhat!



    Thanks, Just r-a-y. Very much appreciate you taking the time.

    I had a chance to delve a bit deeper and found that this functionality has been requested quite a bit in the BP forums and elsewhere around the web. Sounds like there is hope that this functionality will be built into the BP core at some point. Any confirmation on that from BP brass?

    Before I go down the path of training together a bunch of plugins, I was hoping someone could answer a few questions about a single BP network, installed on the mother site and spread across the WPMU:

    1. Is it possible to pick and choose what BP data is displayed? Display the whole shebang on the mother site, but only display the Real Estate Investing related data (group/forums) on Save for the network-wide activity stream on the child site, of course.
    2. Is there such a thing as subgroups and/or subforums (ability to create forums that only relate to the Real Estate Investing groups, mayhaps?)? I’ve seen outdated forum posts that this functionality isn’t available, but that it’s being worked on as a future release ( is one example).

    If both 1 and 2 were possible, I think this would *mostly* eliminate my need to have multiple BP networks.

    I apologize that I don’t know the base table/relationship structure of BP. I hope to take a look at that soon, as that knowledge may eliminate some of my questions.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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