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Are there any limitations in users count?

  • sa4emka



    We are currently choosing a convenient social module for a community that includes a large number of users (estimated around 5-10 million users in total).
    We need to divide all these users into 13 000 groups and we want to give them opportunity to communicate autonomously inside these groups and between eachother.
    Can anyone confirm, if BuddyPresso can handle these numbers?

    And another question, if i may ask – are there any options to automate creation of groups and assinging members into corresponding groups (following their location or any other parameter)?

    Best regards,

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  • John James Jacoby


    Hey Kristjan,

    Congrats on the success of your community!

    BuddyPress is designed and architected to scale quite elegantly, so long as the underlying hardware can also support it. It’s a bit of a non-answer, but is ultimately what it boils down to.

    (For example, has about 13 million registered user accounts, and on any given day they are active across the various connected properties, but there are a few dozen web servers handling the constant database reads & writes, API calls for software updates, caching various parts, etc…)

    Group creation (and subsequent user memberships) all eventually just bubble down to a singular and easy to use function call, so depending on your parameters, and with a small custom plugin, could be automated pretty easily. Nothing exists in BuddyPress itself to facilitate the automation part, but there’s nothing preventing it either.

    Perhaps to more directly answer your question, there is no technical limitation to the number of users or groups or group members your community could have, beyond the limitations of MySQL, PHP, and modern computing itself (maximum 32 bit integer value, etc…)



    Thank you very much for your feedback!
    Based on the info you shared we definately will try out BuddyPress!



    We have 250,000 users and unless we deactivate BuddyPress – it’s extremely slow with BuddyPress?

    I had posted this into forum but with no replies
    Yet – current WordPress 5.0 and current BuddyPress.

    Cloud SQL is running ar 100% we need to upgrade or contact buddy press team about the issue.
    Please contact them and provide the below server details and ask for support.
    1. Google Cloud VM Instance Ubuntu 18.04 (3.75 GB RAM)
    2. PHP 7.2, Nginx + FastCGI cache, Opcache, Redis, WP-Rocket plugin
    3. Cloud SQL for the database (3.75 GB RAM)



    Please do not double post. Your thread has been deleted.

    There can be a lot of factors that affect the use of resources.
    Without taking a close look at the specifics of your install, it is nigh impossible to know what the issue is. And that level of support is well beyond the scope of these forums.
    Given that you have 250k users, you should check to see when and how many are concurrent when you hit 100%.
    And do the usual debugging – examine logs etc.
    Most likely, you need to add resources to your server(s).

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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