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Are those functionnalities available with BuddyPress?Looking for advices

  • GHEGab


    Hi there,

    I am seeking the best plugin for one of my client website, here is what he wants :

    1 A “user plugin” that allows user to register, login etc.
    2 User should be able to set his informations such as location, name, etc and to modify those.
    3 A messaging system with attachment (he must be able to download and upload those)
    4 An appointment system where user can book appointments with differents coaches on the website (I am pretty sure BuddyPress cannot do this and I need another plugin for that purpose, if yes, is it possible to somehow merged the two plugins to make them work together somehow ? Or how should I proceed ?)
    5 A space where users can look up their order receipt
    6 A space where users can see what packages he ordered, a reminder for their next appoinments.

    I believe the hardest points are 4-5-6. I am looking for advices for those.
    In summary, client is creating a marketing consulting strat up which delivers 4 differents packages (from the cheapest to the most expensive) where the users would have a great user interface. He should be able to message his coach, sharing documents with him, book up appointments with him, take a look at his receipts…

    I know I should use several differents plugins to do so but the difficulty is to make them work together.

    Do you guys have any advices ?

    Many thanks.

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  • modemlooper


    I would google wordpress appointment plugin

    There seems to be some options, you don’t necessarily need BuddyPress

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