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[ASK] How to install new themes

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  • Xevo


    Download theme – take folder out zip/rar file (if present) – upload to wp-content/themes/ – go to site admin > themes and activate the themes – now its installed, if you wanna use it, go to appearance and activate it there.

    Thx, but I’ve followed all the instructions but still can not. way that you describe can only be used for the default theme. I tried to install darkpress theme and do as you please tell me, but still can not. its just shown only blank page…



    The whole site is blank? Then try using the standard buddypress theme and see if its still blank. If it is, then try disabling buddypress and see what happens then, still blank, then its a wpmu problem, if not then its a buddypress problem and if the site works when using the default buddypress theme, then the theme your using doesnt work.

    At least you’ll know where the problem lies with this.



    Which version of wpmu and buddypress do you have?

    There’re so far 2 themes available for 1.1.x series.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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