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Asking the impossible?

  • kirkslater



    I’ve got a client that is after a community website that has the ability to buy and download a members contact details.

    So Buddypress is the obvious answer to run the community with the great member profile options, but does anyone have a clue of how I could integrate a “Shopping cart” for the members contact details.

    Here is the working for what my client needs:

    Member1 signs up and fills in all the fields of their profile. This includes the contact details that are hidden from general view (this I can do)

    Member2 finds Member1’s profile and wants to get in touch with them. They click the button on Member1’s profile “add to cart”. This adds to the contact details to the cart. Member2 then searches and adds more contact details from other members to the cart. They then checkout using PayPal and the contact details that Member2 has requested are emailed to them.

    I’ve looked at and know that it uses code to create the add to cart buttons on the page, could I call hidden fields out from the profile using this??

    I know this sounds like the impossible but has anyone got any ideas or know of a plugin that could be adapted to fit?


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  • modemlooper


    Didn’t you already ask this in another forum post?

    As stated in other thread this is not currently possible OOTB. You would have to code your own plugin to handle this type of thing.



    Yeah I did post something similar but this is to take profile fields from a members profile and give them up as digital download, but the other one was to have uploaded PDFs by a member to be for sale. I felt this was two different things so posted two different posts.

    Thanks for your help on the other post, any ideas on this one? Have you seen the working of the cart I found?



    The answer is still the same. There is no OOTB way of doing this and it would require some coding skills to pull off right. If this isn’t something you could manage you might need to hire a developer.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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