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Assign to Group, and/or Make download available

  • discdemo


    Hi. I’ve toyed with some paywall options like tinypass, but wondering if a paypal contact form or another solution is better.

    Here are my requirements:

    • Put paying members automatically into a group
    • Make a few PDF files available to those paid members
    • Add possibly an even more personalized option where their document can be created and made available to them. (e.g. They get their name on a certificate via my own template. I’ve noticed I can do a mail merge and batch out certificates, but then getting an individual file to each user just kind of explodes my head. Even having some type of dropbox after locally running this mail merge seems cumbersome, but would still consider it. For now, either of the first 2 requirements would be helpful. Tackling the 3rd, albeit important, could take a back seat until the first tow are solved.

    Right now, I have a private group setup for these paid members. I am stuck at manually inviting them in, once they pay via paypal or tinypass, if I use that solution

    Either way, I’m wondering if I can automate this somehow.

    To summarize, it would look like this:

    • I register on the site.
    • I upgrade my free to paid via paypal contact form plugin or tinypass. (Paypal contact form would allow user to enter text for certificate name, then I’d have to manually do the mail merge thing to output individual certificate PDF’s.)
    • As a paying member, a private group awaits me because I’m “exclusive.”

    If anyone can chime in, the more the merrier I guess, I’d be grateful.
    Thanks in advance for taking time out to offer your feedback.



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  • Dianbuddy


    Did you find a solution to this? I have the same need.



    Hi. Kind of, so depends upon your needs, Dianbuddy. If it’s for certificate, not really. It’s for permissions. Using this though, I allowed for the ability to create a pdf on my end and upload/store in a protected folder using the below.

    It will take some configuring, but a one time thing. Once you go through the settings, you can set it and forget it. Also, you may find the same need for another site, so you would then have familiarity with the product.


    In this, you can set up multiple paypal tiers and based upon the tier purchased, section off who can see or access.

    For groups, I allowed any paid members to access the groups. Unpaid were not permitted. If you need to get more granular for groups, I’m not sure I have a case study for this. But, you may be able to with S2Member using the URI restrictions. For mine, I restricted anything /groups. This meant if any non-paying member tried to access groups, they’d be brought to a custom purchase page. You can see over at what i did. I haven’t been active on it but lately but the structure should be there.

    Hope this helps!


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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